What I Do

I fundamentally believe in two things: Treating everyone as individuals, and learning through real experiences. I create transformative learning, by shaping every intervention to the needs of the individual, by engaging them in the world around them, and by delving into their deeper motivations and behaviours.

The outcome? Unique, hugely effective learning experiences.

Emotional Intelligence

Self awareness, social awareness and behaviour flexibility should be a cornerstone for your people.

Values & Behaviours

Develop the core values, individual behaviours and the culture that embeds those values across everything your people and your organisation do.

Great Graduates

Transitioning from education to work in a manner that accelerates learning and integration is vital. Invest in the future of your organisation's success and growth.

Commercial Thinking

The public sector is changing; empower your teams to be more targeted and innovative while balancing financial and social drivers.

Ethical Leadership

Leadership with integrity, based on personal values and ethics. Developing and modelling decision making with strong moral values and business outcomes.

Growth from Feedback

Develop specialist feedback processes that really accelerate individual growth. There is nothing as valuable for personal development as truly exceptional feedback.

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Notes and insights on development

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Insights and information

I will use these 'thought' posts to share and highlight both my views and experiences of development, and the much more salient thoughts of other