Most individuals new to a leadership position, or who are trying to move into positions of influence within their organisations, have real doubts about what type of leader they want to be. Questions such as “Am I really good enough to be here?” and “If I give the skilled work to the people I lead, what do I really do?” are almost universal. It’s the answers that are individual.

I coach executive clients, ranging from Equity Partners at LLPs to Head Teachers and FDs, focusing on individual reflection that helps them to be more aware, efficient and confident in their personal goals and values. I specialise in coaching those who want to be a different type of leader to those who came before, individuals who have yet to carve out their own niche, and those who are seeking clarity on the path to achieving it.

Working one to one, I help clients discover strategies that are proven to shift individuals away from reactive, counterproductive behaviours and into a place of positivity and true leadership. The result? Reduced work-related stress, a better work-life balance and the generation of an authentic inner confidence.

Each coaching relationship with me begins with a free, 20-minute contracting conversation to establish expectations, boundaries and process. Once we’ve agreed to move forward on your goals, we progress on to the coaching sessions. These will be tailored to your needs and can be conducted either in person or virtually. 

I follow clear ethical guidelines for all coaching practices, ensuring confidentiality and client wellbeing. I also have regular supervision from a highly experienced coach supervisor, and I prioritise my own growth through coach development programmes, both as part of this ethical agreement and to ensure my ongoing growth as a coach.

Want to find out more about how the coaching relationship works? Please contact me for an initial conversation, and check the About page to for my background and qualifications.

The sessions have helped me move forward by enabling me to manage my time better, thereby allowing me to work much more efficiently and effectively.  This has, in turn, reduced my stress levels.  I have also gained more confidence in the decisions I have taken to manage my time more effectively.

“Taking the space and time to collect my thoughts and think about one issue at a time… I enjoy being pushed and challenged, I appreciate Richard engaging in that process and found it very beneficial.”

Overnight, my productivity has soared and my stress levels have plummeted.