THE 4%


“It’s important to me that my work has a positive impact – for my clients, of course, but beyond them, too.”

For every pound I get paid (income, not profit) I donate 4p to not-for-profit organisations that work internationally to reduce human suffering and increase opportunities for human flourishing. These organisations are independently audited to ensure that they maximise the donations given and turn them into real action.

I use the Effective Altruism model as well as the Giving What We Can and Give Well systems to select not-for-profit causes proven to be the best at turning donations into real change on the ground.

I review the 4% target with my family annually and challenge my decisions on ethical clients, ethical behaviour and taking 4% from income rather than 10%+ from profit. All these are ongoing decisions about what is the optimal outcome for all concerned.

I will only work with organisations that have clear positive ethics, I also offset all travel and work to ensure that my business is carbon negative.

I believe in being pragmatic about doing good, so rather than put all my free-range eggs in one organic basket, I prefer to spread my contributions across a number of actions (low-carbon, 4%, ethical clients, reduced travel, local food, etc)

The purpose of this page is to state my position clearly, to be transparent with clients and to hold myself to account – not to boast, but to show that in a small way we can all do our bit. If you’d like more information or have suggestions, please do get in touch.