NHS Free Coaching

NHS Free Coaching


We’re currently living through odd times, and in these times we are relying heavily on the kindness of others and on our amazing NHS workers. The uncertainty and the scale of the challenge can be overwhelming and it may be hard to carve out clean space to think and process. I’d like to help, in my small way.

With that in mind I am offering some free coaching to NHS staff.This offer is simply to create a confidential, supportive space for you to reflect, think and process.

Coaching is about a human being hearing another human being, and helping that person engage with what really matters in the realities in which they find themselves. This is not counselling, or mentoring, it is a quiet, confidential, time-boxed space to focus on helping you to find your own resources.
I’ve tried to make the offer simple and clear, here it is:

The Offer: An initial 20 minute call for both parties to (virtually) meet, create clarity on the work and agree boundaries. If both are happy to proceed, 3 x 60 minute coaching sessions, telephone or video call, to be held at weekly or fortnightly intervals (to suit both diaries). All sessions are 100% confidential, there is no charge.

I have limited capacity so will create time for 4 new coachees at a time. Once someone finishes their set of 3, I’ll create space for the next person.

I realise you may have no clue who I am. I am an Executive Coach  and run Leadership and Development Programmes, including with NHS Teams. I am a member of Association for CoachingWorld Institute of Action Learning, qualified at ILM Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring and Gestalt Coaching Practice

I am self isolating with my pregnant wife and toddler but hope to help where I can. I welcome an initial conversation if you are unsure whether this offer suits you but want to find out more.

Thanks for the work you do.

Please reach out if you think you’d benefit from some coaching sessions. I am here contact@richardastrudwick.com

Go well,


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